Well Within Me: “drawing out what’s already there”.

Heather Yelland is widely regarded as a powerful and energetic presenter and facilitator who “walks her talk”.  She has worked and presented throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia and stimulated, and indeed fascinated, audiences with her ability to make personal development simple, fun and transforming.

Whilst Heather has undertaken formal studies in recreation, psychology, family therapy, business, and Massage and Energy work she claims to have learned a great deal more about life from her Step-children, partner, family and friends, and perhaps most of all from her clients.  She has a driving curiosity about human beings; our behaviour, our relationships and the way we understand ourselves and our place in the world.

She believes in the absolute importance of knowing and understanding ourselves, and is a strong exponent of a daily practice of self reflection.  Equally, she also knows firsthand what life can be like when there’s work to be done, children to raise, bills to pay, house and garden to be kept, and the like.  That’s why she has dedicated several years to the development of a powerful and highly effective framework for personal development that will get results qucikly!

Heather also believes that the best place to test the effectiveness of her ideas is in her own life.  She currently lives in regional Victoria, enjoys an incredibly happy life, runs a number of successful businesses, travels the world, and has quality time to spend with the people she loves.


What is Well Within Me?

Well Within Me is focussed on supporting people’s personal development and growth.  We offer a range of information, resources, supports, coaching, and workshops all designed to draw out the energy, strength, and creative power you naturally posses. Everything we do is designed to assist you and those you love;

  • To live consciously,  courageously and with real purpose
  • To create, enjoy, and share peace, energy, passion, and abundance
  • To come from a place of love,  compassion and service
  • To awaken the spirit and sense of wonder in everyday
  • And to fully embrace the present moment and live from your heart

The Well Within Me team is focussed on supporting you to have the life of which you dream.