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Why was the Well Within Me Mentoring programme developed?

As you know, there’s a lot more to living a happy and fulfilling life than getting up each day and going off to work hoping things will turn out OK.  Yet many people are caught in a life like this, struggling with the feeling that they want more out of life, they want to feel in charge of the life they live, they want more time and energy to spend with the people they love and they want to make a meaningful contribution.  But, they’re not sure where to start and how to go about making the changes they desire.

While there are several self-help books, personal development DVD’s, transformational workshops and other resources to assist people on their journey, many people are uncertain about how to decide which ones are for them. Furthermore, very few of these focus specifically on how to tap your personal supply of energy and very often it is the lack of energy that stops people from making the changes of which they dream. Even fewer provide really simple and easy-to-apply strategies for everyday life that have a powerful impact on people’s experience of happiness. 

One of the biggest issues people have raised with me over the years is that it is all well and good to go off to weekend workshops and get inspired and feel incredibly connected with a great group of people, but what about the support when you go home and the demands of daily life draw you away from your personal development journey. 

The Well Within Me Membership program was developed in response to an overwhelming number of requests by people asking me to share my knowledge and provide them with individual coaching. The majority of people wanted more than just “feel good” workshops.  They wanted to transform their thinking, they wanted to change their lives, and they wanted to really start creating their dreams.  And most of all they wanted support to do it, but they were clear that it must be ongoing, structured and interactive support. 


Why become an affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate of WellWithinMe.com gives you the opportunity to support people to achieve great happiness and earn an ongoing passive income.  Every time you recommend the site to someone and they join up, you receive 40% commission for the life of their membership.  Not only this, if that person also recommends the site to someone else and that person joins too, you will also receive 10% commission for their membership life. This is a great way to earn money every month, for very limited effort.

We value our affiliates because word of mouth and recommendation is the most effective form of marketing known to the human race, particularly in the personal development field.  So we reward our affiliates very generously and help them as much as we can. Most of our members have joined as a result of someone else's recommendation, which means they find the site provides exceptional value and really helps their journey.

Typical Affiliate Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions to help you determine if joining up as a WellWithinMe.com affiliate is for you.

Q. How much will you earn?

Membership is $49 per month. We have set up a two tier Affiliate program with a 40/10 split. In essence for every member who signs up with your affiliate link you will receive 40% of $49/month for as long as that member stays in our program. You will also receive 10% of $49/month for any other members that are enrolled by that member (see table below).

As you can see, you only have to have two members sign up using your special affiliate link and you are earning approx $40/month. If you have 10 members sign up, then you'll be receiving around $200/month, every month, for as long as they stay members.
This is how the two-tier system works.

  • You introduce Jane (tier 1 - you get 40% of Jane's payments).
  • Jane introduces Sue and Jill (tier 2 - you get 10% of Sue and Jill's payments, as well as the 40% of Jane’s). 
  • If Sue or Jill introduce anyone, you do not get any payment from these members (as they are tier 3 for you) but Jane will get a payment (as they are tier 2 for Jane). 


Let's say that you:-

Introduce 10 people who stay in the program for 10 months.

Out of these (10 people) 3 people also introduce 10 people each, who also remain as members for 10 months. Your affiliation share looks like this:-

1st Tier - 10 members @ $49/month @40% - $196 per month for 10 months (= $1,960)

2nd Tier - 30 members @ $49/month @10% - $147 per month for 10 months (= $1,470)

For introducing 10 people who became members, you have earned a total of $3,430 after 10 months. This is a win/win as the members will be happy as they are receiving great value education and support as well as weekly coaching from Heather. And you are happy as you've earned a great passive income for simply telling people about the site."


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Q. What kind of person joins as an Affiliate?

A.  We have many different types of people who promote our site as affiliates.

  • Other Relationship and personal development experts, authors and website owners who promote the membership site to their clients. (Please contact us at for details of our special promotional offer).
  • Bloggers who mention the site in their regular blog postings.
  • Life coacheswho encourage their clients to join so they receive ongoing sales and self improvement advice.
  • Small business ownerswho see the value of personal development to their business success or to the development of their staff.
  • Other Members who love our program and want as many people as possible to have this amazing information.
  • Other speakers who not only receive ongoing revenue from the sales, but also enjoy the opportunity to provide people with the ongoing support they are often unable to provide directly.

Q. What kind of information do members of the Well Within Me Mentoring program receive?

A. This membership program is an online service designed to transform the way people see themselves, their life and the world in which they live.  The Well Within Me Mentoring Programme provides a clearly structured, accessible and easy to follow system of support that is delivered in a convenient manner and allows people to choose the pace at which they take their own unique journey. It also gives them the opportunity to access direct one-on-one support on the occasions that it is required. The use of teleseminars and the Member’s Only site and blog, also ensure that people are connected to a network of like-minded people with whom they can share their journey. 

It provides:-

  • Regular E-classes which are emailed to members weekly and take them step by step through powerful exercises to transform their energy levels and their lives.
  • Interviews – with some of the world’s leading wellbeing, relationship, and natural therapy practitioners who share insider tips and secrets on what they do differently that sets them apart.
  • Email and phone support to answer questions and give guidance to members
  • Information about new resources coming onto the market that can assist people’s journey
  • Teleseminar links with other members who are travelling a similar journey

Q. Do I have to be a paying member of your site to be an affiliate?

A.  No you don’t. However it is a good idea to join as you will not only find the information interesting and useful, but it will help you to recommend the program to others. 

Q. How do I become an affiliate and does it cost me anything?

A. Simply click on the link below and put your details in where requested. It will cost you nothing. You can start referring straight away. Go to the link and sign up.

Q. What do I do with the code you give me?

A. You use this unique code as your link to our site.  So if you already have a website, add a description about www.WellWithinMe.com and ensure that your unique code is inserted as the link through to our site.

If you are sending out an email to your client list, insert the unique code into the body of the email as the link through to our site.

Q. How do I get my unique code?

A. After you have become an affiliate online (Click here to sign up as an affiliate) you will be taken to the WellWithinMe.com “Affiliate Home Page”. This page contains instructions on how to get text or graphic banners which contain your unique code.

Q. How does it work?

A. Our site will remember the users who come to our site by clicking on your unique affiliate code. This process works using both their computer's IP address and the cookies in their web browser.

Q. Where can I check where I’m at and how much money I’ve earned?

A. At anytime you can log on to the Affiliates section of the site using your affiliate user name and password (which will be emailed to you when you join up as an affiliate). The direct link to the affiliate’s login page is http://www.WellWithinMe.com/admin/affiliates.  You'll find lots of instant data about your commissions and sub affiliate sign ups as well as useful tools to help you promote the site.

Q. How is the money sent to me and how often?

A. You will need to have a Paypal account set up. Commissions will be credited to your Paypal account on a monthly basis.

Q. Do you offer support to your affiliates?

A. Yes. We offer banners and content for your webpage and templates for emails to send to your contact list. You can also email us with specific questions on .  We will keep adding more and more material to the Affiliates section to help you with your marketing.

Q. Do you have some tips for affiliate success?

A. We want you to be successful and earn commissions from the sale of this program. So here are a few simple tips as to how easy this can be.

  • Write a short endorsement testimonial about the program. If you are in regular contact with your client base and delivering great content then you would have built up a level of trust. Your recommendation of something you trust will result in sales.
  • When sending emails about other subjects, a short personal recommendation with your unique ‘link’ is often enough. Once they get to the site, a high percentage of people will click through.
  • In order to write an effective recommendation, we strongly suggest you read as much as you can about what we offer, speak to us in person, and preferably read and implement at least a month’s worth of E-classes.  After researching and learning, you will be so much better informed to tell your client base what they can expect.

All that’s left now is to start getting the word out there and direct people to www.WellWithinMe.com using your affiliate link.

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I hope these Affiliate FAQ's were of value and will help create a lucrative income for you.
Yours in abundance,