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Calling all those people who are sick of feeling tired, overwhelmed and out of control.


The secrets to a life rich with energy, purpose, clarity and contribution are revealed by this dynamic international speaker and personal development specialist.

Right now you have a choice…

…To go on with your everyday life, working as hard as you can, feeling tired and short of time, struggling to pay the same old bills, following the same weekly routine, coping with a nagging feeling that there’s more to life and continuing to get the very same results you're achieving right now…


…You can read on to find out how you can access your endless inner supply of energy, take charge of your schedule, uncover the hidden strengths you have, spend more time with family and friends and live the extraordinary lifestyle you've always dreamed about and that you deserve!

Hear what others are saying about Heather Yelland


Dr. Joanna Martin -
Internationally acclaimed Speaker
and sought after Educator


Lisa and Steven Cole –
Business Owners

“Heather is such an engaging and inspiring motivational speaker! She has a rare ability to inspire, question and motivate people to open their minds and hearts and truly look at themselves and their lives through new perspectives, questing ideas and powerful insights.

Her event both energised and nurtured me, and I left feeling empowered to make positive and lasting changes to my life in order to achieve the things I want to.

Heather delivers with drive and passions a weekend of direction and coaching which has left me much clearer about my desires, my beliefs and my self.  In fact, I found her so inspiring i got myself a job with her team".
Moira Hoppe, Melbourne


Are you ready to have more available energy and time?

Do you want to feel really good about yourself?

 Do you want to fast-track your change process?

 Do you want to be with like-minded and supportive people while you create the life of your dreams?


Well Within Me is focussed on supporting people’s personal growth and development. We provide a range of workshops designed to draw out the energy, strength, and creative power you naturally posses. Each of our events is facilitated by Australia's leading female Personal Development Specialist and international speaker, Heather Yelland.


To find out more about what Heather and the Well Within Me team have to offer, visit the website at WellWithinMe.com


Stumble in exhausted and walk out centred, strong and energised

Heather Yelland

Heather Yelland
is regarded as
“a powerful and energetic
speaker who makes
personal development
simple and fun”.

dear friend

It doesn’t matter what’s draining your energy or why you feel tired, you can discover the simple, yet powerful techniques that will transform the energy you have for life. 

There are lots of things that motivate people to come to an event, but most people come because they want the hands on experience of making changes in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

I also believe people come to events because they are really committed to making significant changes. It’s almost as if they want to “fast track” the changes they wish to make.

Sometimes we make things harder than they have to be because we don’t get the support we need to work through or work out things that are getting in the way of us having the life we desire. The Well Within Me events will help you to powerfully challenge any fears that hold you back, unleash your true strength and beauty, and you will get to meet extraordinary people along the way. Equally, if you are in a great space they will give you that energising extra stretch.

Each of our events has a different focus and allows you to achieve different things depending on your journey. Each will leave you feeling stronger within yourself, energised by your life and better about the contribution you make to the people you love.

I invite you to join me!



Please be aware…there are loads of resources, DVD’s and books available to assist you on your personal development journey, but very few of them focus on increasing your energy


Let’s face it…..if you don’t have the energy, all the best laid plans will come to nothing and you will end up feeling even flatter and more exhausted by your lack of progress. 


At this very moment…… you probably have a range of great ideas about things you could do to improve your life, take charge of how you live, create more balance between work and home life, feel stronger within yourself. So, what stops you?


….the lack of energy!!

The Well Within Me event series will help you find and access all the energy you need to do the things you love!

You will discover the 7 key elements of a life rich with energy….

  • The power of your Context – your values, beliefs, motivations and intentions
  • The value of Energy – consciously invest your energy for best results
  • The importance of Nurture – discover your own “nurture language”
  • The power of Touch - use touch as a powerful conductor of energy
  • The significance of Relaxation – strategies to apply everyday to increase energy
  • The influence of Emotion – read the emotional sign-posts in your life
  • The impact of Design – create a map to navigate into the life of your dreams

Here’s what others have said about their experience of the Well Within Me events.


“I have attended a number of personal development workshops/seminars, including Anthony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within”. Tony Robbins was fantastic and inspirational, except I found I never maintained/utilised anything from the seminar afterwards.

Similarly Heather’s Well Within Me weekend event was exceptionally delivered with passion and the inclusive sharing was an important element of the weekend.  In contrast, what Heather imparted was the practical, ‘real’ tools and ideas that are completely sustainable.

From my heart I would say it’s is easy to be enthusiastic about changing what you need or want to change when you have a dynamic person revving you up for the weekend… but it is hard to maintain the high when everyone and all the adrenaline has gone and you are facing everyday life. With the tools (gifts) Heather delivered it is a hell of a lot easier to change and sustain or maybe just to not feel bad about the setbacks, so you get back up and on with it.”


“What a fantastic weekend to get in touch with your inner power! I especially love the element of touch and healing. I didn’t expect to be as energised by giving someone else healing energy through touch.

Heather is an inspiring mentor who has motivated me to focus on improving my energy and wellbeing. She is just so good! One of the most powerful sessions was transforming our fears into more positive visions to motivate us to take action.

Do yourself a favour and invest in one weekend to change your life!!”                                    
Michelle Ducat, Mooroopna


Positively impact every area of your life


In case you are wondering…..it’s not just about having more energy to go on living just as you are now! If you feel better about yourself and stronger and more confident about who you are, don’t you think that will positively impact every area of your life? 

Make no mistake……….these workshops are designed to support people who are serious about finding their inner well of energy and applying it to every area of their life.

We have a very clear intention……to assist you to rediscover your own truth and powerfully reclaim your purpose and your true path. We will help you find the well within so you can live your dreams and your purpose!

But don’t worry if you don’t have any clear sense of what your purpose is, as that will be part of the journey. The main thing is that you get to tap into your truth and create a life that is congruent with who you really are. The rest will follow!

Are you a person who doesn’t feel all that comfortable going along to a workshop when you don’t know anyone? No problems – the Well Within Me team will greet you at the door and introduce you to others. That get’s you past the awkward stage.

Better still….bring a friend with you! We know the importance of support and we are so committed to ensuring you have the support you need that at some events we give you a discount if you come with a friend, buddy, partner, child or whomever.  Someimes we go nuts and let you bring them free of charge - you can't get better than that!


Which Event is Right for Me

If you are asking yourself this question, the information below will help you choose.



Recharge For Life

 “Come on a trip:  go on a journey.”

 Our key event each year, Recharge For Life, will transport you, body and soul, to an exotic destination where your senses will be piqued and pampered whilst you mirror your outer adventure with an inner journey of discovery!

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Event  1

Energy For Now

 “Living your life with Energy, Purpose, Clarity and Time to Spare”

Energy For Now is a dynamic one-day retreat during which you will learn from Australia's leading female personal development and mindset specialist - Heather Yelland - the secrets and strategies to gain More Energy, Motivation, Focus and Direction to live the life of your dreams.

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Event  2

Energy For Life

 “Drawing out what's already there.”

There are no Energy For Life events scheduled in the near future.  Please keep posted for future Energy For Life events.

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Event  3

Future Events

 “Yelland International is always growing”

This space is for future events.  Keep your eye out for more exciting events here and at www.heatheryelland.com/blog/events

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For a full outline of the schedule for this event, please email the Well Within Me team at