Welcome to Well Within Me, where you will find all the information you need to tap into the well within you!

I have spent over 25 years working with a variety of people and sharing all sorts of ideas and activities that assisted them to make positive changes in their lives.  In return, they have taught me some incredible things too.

Not everyone has the ability to participate in a workshop, so I have put this website together to offer you the benefit of all I have learned and shared so you too can have the energy you want to achieve anything you choose. 

The feedback received from hundreds of people with whom I have worked has allowed me to create simple techniques that give great results and I’m so enthusiastic about them, that I have outlined them here on this website so you can get access to them   ......completely  FREE of charge. 

I am so certain about the value of these exercises that I travel all over Australia and New Zealand teaching people how to apply them to their lives to make powerful changes.  But, why take my word for how well they work?

This is what a participant in one of my recent events had to say

“It is impossible for me to overstate the positive influence Heather has had on my life since I met her 15 years ago. I originally went to her for massage therapy at a time when I was recovering from a painful emotional breakdown. Although Heather’s initial role was to relieve my physical symptoms of stress, she ended up being a catalyst for fundamental change at an emotional and spiritual level as well.

Over the years, our professional relationship developed into a friendship whereby Heather has continued to walk beside me in my personal journey. Her wise insight, broad experience and generosity of spirit give her a rare talent for enabling growth at every level. Anyone seeking a mentor or coach to accompany them through times of change makes a powerful choice by engaging with Heather. To me, she is a gift.”.

Marg Richardson – Rotorua, New Zealand

If you want this kind of success and inspiration in your life everyday…..read on.

There are 7 key elements to creating this level of energy in your life.  You can spend time exploring any one of these at a time. For best results, I recommend you work through them in the order in which they appear. 

Before you begin, get a pen and paper so you can jot down ideas, keep notes from the activities that are recommended, or just collect your thoughts as you go along.  This will help you to decide what action you want to take and how you intend to do it. 

There is no timeframe attached to these activities, but you may want to give yourself time to work through each step thoughtfully and deliberately. This will improve the outcome and ensure that when you decide what changes you want to make, you have a really clear plan to take action.

The 7 key elements of a life rich with energy are:

  • Context: identify your starting point and the foundation you are building on.
  • Energy: understand the nature of energy, where you get it and how you invest it.
  • Nurture: discover how nurturing yourself and others can increase your energy.
  • Touch: explore ways to use touch in your life and learn specific techniques.
  • Relaxation: identify techniques that help you to achieve a relaxed state.
  • Emotion: understand the relationship between emotion, movement and energy.
  • Design: create an “action plan” for how to live by design, rather than reaction.

“Every time I work with Heather I come away feeling so relaxed and centred, and it’s not a fleeting thing.  It’s as if each time we work together I gain another layer of insight into myself that makes me stronger and gives me SO much more energy to invest in my relationship, my children and my work.  I love the exercises and tips she offers about things I can do at home too and the techniques I have been able to teach my children”.

Helene Taylor, Beechworth, Victoria

Step One:   CONTEXT

The first step is to take time to reflect on who you are and the context within which you currently live.  Knowing something about what makes you “tick” helps you to work out how to change yourself or your life to feel more energised and centred. 

I spend time every day focussed on some process that assists me to reflect on my values and beliefs and how these influence my life.  In fact, I sometimes feel I spend too much time reflecting.  So, let’s keep it simple and consider just three things; your motivations, your values and your beliefs. 


Grab your note book and write down your answers to each of the questions described below.  Try not to over think your answers, but rather get into the habit of just writing and see what comes up.  You are trying not to judge here, rather just to notice and explore.  You may find it helpful to set yourself a time frame (eg: two minutes) and just keep writing until time is up and see what you came up with.

  1. What is motivating me?

There are really only two things that motivate us – pain and pleasure.  Think about that for a moment in terms of why you were motivated to visit this site and why you are still reading now. 

You may be seeking to avoid the perceived pain of your current situation (for instance, “I feel like I have no energy, I feel like my life is out of control, I am not able to keep up with my children/partner, I am not sleeping, or I am giving all my energy to work”). 

Alternatively you may be seeking to achieve a greater level of perceived pleasure in your life (for example, “I would like more energy, I want to do more with my partner/children, I want to sleep really well and feel relaxed, I want to feel completely in charge of my own life!”).

Take some time to reflect on these questions and write down your answers so you can refer back to them later.

  • What is motivating me to change right now? 
  • If it’s pain, how bad is it and how bad does it have to be before I will take major action?
  • If it’s pleasure, how much do I want it and how much do I have to want it to take major action?

Regardless of what your motivating force is, understanding it is essential, as this will help you stay motivated to take action – not just a bit of action, but massive action toward the life you desire!

  1. What are my values?

Your values are the foundation on which you build, as they are the principles, standards, ethics or ideals by which you live your life.  Furthermore, they provide the force that drives you to experience certain emotional states and they help you create meaning from your experiences in life. 

None of us would ever consider buying a house without knowing the foundation upon which it is built, so let’s not do the same in our own life.  Know thy foundation – that sounds like a great commandment.

So, let’s go exploring.  Again I ask you to write your answers in a way that just lets them flow – don’t over think them.  Ask yourself:

  • What do I value most in life? (for example; love, independence, adventure, certainty, justice, connection, success, growth, contribution, spirituality, etc)
  • Choose your top 3 and then ask, how do these values influence my energy levels and my view of self-care?

It doesn’t matter what you value, but gaining insight into your values helps you to understand more about what drives you in life and why you look at the world the way you do. 

If you are doing things that “fit” with your values, you will feel more energised – a state I like to call being “in your flow”.  Adversely, if you are doing things that are against what you value, you will have low energy and no sense of flow.

  1. What are my beliefs?

Beliefs are a feeling of certainty about what something is or what it means.  What you believe has direct impact on your feelings of wellbeing, but you probably don’t often take the time to stop and reflect on what you believe. 

Many of your beliefs are developed during your first 6 to 8 years of life, and they become the “map” by which you navigate your life.  Therefore, your “map” could be 20 or 30 years old.  Imagine trying to navigate around your nearest Capital City with a map that is over 20 years old.  Sounds crazy, but many of us try to do that every day. 

Take some time now to reflect on the beliefs you picked up during childhood, how they may have changed over the years,  and see how well they serve you now in your adult life, as you answer these questions:

  • What beliefs do I have about my current lifestyle?
  • How do these beliefs impact on my energy levels and general feeling of wellbeing?
  • Do these beliefs work for me or do I need to change them?

Remember that even though beliefs are a feeling of certainty about what something means, we can change our beliefs any time.  People used to believe the world was flat!

It is really important that you understand the impact of your motivations, values and beliefs as these driving forces impact directly on the choices you make and how you live your life.  No-one would consider building a house without first laying a solid foundation.  The strength of the house will be directly proportionate to the work done on that foundation.  So, I recommend you take time to really reflect thoughtfully on these areas. 

Get assistance from a friend, your partner, or someone you trust to give you the support you need to explore these issues if necessary, as it can be difficult to do alone.  Even if you don’t find it difficult, it can be a richer experience if you can be supported to be that little bit more objective about your reflections.  Make it an exceptional foundation!

Would you like some one-on-one support from Heather

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Step Two: ENERGY

Energy is the central force of your life and indeed you are literally nothing without it.  How much energy you have, what you do with it and where you invest it has a direct impact on the overall quality of your life.  I am a high energy person and when I was younger I used to think I was “lucky” to be this way.  Now I realise it’s a choice....I choose to have lots of energy and I am very intentional about where I invest my energy.  So, let’s take a look at where you invest yours.

  • Grab yourself 40 tokens of some description (matches, marbles, buttons, or pebble stones, paper clips, anything small).
  • Grab several pieces of blank paper and a large felt pen.
  • Now write something on each piece of paper that indicates one area into which you invest energy.  For example, children, work, relationship, friends, sporting club, work, school committee, community choir, Rotary Club, .......you – anything that gets an investment of energy from you frequently.  Lay the pages out on the floor or a table where you can see them.
  • Then, place the tokens on to each page in proportion to the amount of energy you invest in each area (eg: 8 tokens for children, 7 for work, 1 for self, etc)
  • You may need to move tokens around a bit, but you can’t have any more than 40.
  • Don’t judge where the tokens end up – simply NOTICE.  Then ask yourself....”am I happy with this pattern of energy investment?”  If the answer is YES....celebrate!!

If the answer is NO, take time to move the tokens around until you are happy, and as you move each one, stop and think about what action you need to take to make that change.  By the end, you will have something that looks and feels more balanced to you and an action plan about what you want to do differently.  Make it a great action plan!

Step Three: NURTURE

Often we get so busy in our lives and so focussed on taking care of others that we forget to nurture ourselves.  Did you actually write “me” on a piece of paper in the exercise above, or are you so busy investing in everyone else that you don’t even rate a mention?

It is possible that you could have completely lost touch with what things you find nurturing, so that even when you do make time to do something for yourself, you feel uneasy about what to do with that time.  Nurturing yourself helps to ensure there is a supply of energy running into your “tank” so you can continue to invest in the things you outlined above. 

Make a list in answer to these questions:

  • What have I enjoyed and felt nurtured by in the past?
  • How will I make a commitment (and write it in my diary or on my calendar) to do at least one of those things to nurture myself every week?
  • Think of it as a Date With You (and you can even invite someone else along to share it if you wish, but the focus must be on nurturing you!).  Make it a fabulous date!

I want to share a little story with you here to illustrate the point.  Years ago when I was working as a Family Therapist, I was having a conversation with a little girl of 6 about her mum’s need to have time alone.  We referred to this time as her “mummy date” (time when mum would spend special time with herself).  A couple of days later when the woman knocked on her daughter’s bedroom door and asked if she could come in, she was told no, because her daughter was having a Dolly date – a special time just with Dolly. 

I liked the idea so much, I now have everyone that attends my workshops organise a Dolly Date with themselves (as I do at least monthly!).

Step Four: TOUCH

Touch is a fundamental part of the human experience and yet we often shy away from physical exchanges with other people. As a massage therapist, people will often come to me simply to be touched and to enjoy the energy that is exchanged when you feel touched in a safe and relaxed manner. 

Here are three simple things you can do to enjoy the energy of touch and stimulate your body’s overall energy flow.

  • Foot massage:  There’s no wrong way to give yourself a foot massage.  Simply apply a little hand lotion to the foot and rub.  Use your thumbs to apply a little extra pressure, especially across the ball and heel of the foot and into the arch. 


    Ideally, get someone else to do this for you.  But if you don’t have that opportunity, you can get a really relaxing foot massage by placing the arch of one foot on top of a tennis ball. Gradually add more body weight over the foot, allowing the ball to press into your arch. Move your foot in small circles, allowing the ball to massage your heel, arch, and toes. If the tennis ball seems too big or too soft, try a golf ball instead.

  • Head massage: If you are ticklish on the feet, you may prefer a head massage.  Any massage of the scalp will increase the flow of blood and thus energy, to your head.  Apply firm pressure to each side of your head with your fingertips and make small circular motions, much the same as the hairdresser does. 


    Again, it’s better to have someone else do it for you and you feel great after even a short time.  You may also find it beneficial to have someone simply brush your hair for 100 strokes.  This will still stimulate the flow of energy to your head, especially if you breathe deeply whilst your head is being massaged.

  • Hug Someone: There can be a great deal of energy exchanged by simply sharing a hug with someone. In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effects of simply offering a hug can be amazing. 


    Take Juan Mann for instance, the guy who started the Free Hugs campaign, which became a phenomenal worldwide movement.  This tells me something about how much we have separated ourselves from the very basics of human physical exchange.  So, go out and get yourself hugged!  Make it a fabulous hug!

There are loads of really simple techniques you can learn to use, for your own relaxation and energy enrichment or to share with others. 

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Sometimes we think about relaxation as something extra to do in our day, as if it’s just another thing to fit in!  The truth is, we can do a range of really simple and yet effective relaxation activities while we are doing the other important things in our life.  For instance, many of us spend time each day travelling, or preparing food, or even watching television.  Turning off the TV can give you extra energy and for most people, LOADS more time. 

Use these two simple techniques for 10 minutes, over 10 consecutive days and develop a habit of relaxation.

Regulated Breathing:                            

  • Most of us breathe in a very shallow way and in so doing, rob our body of oxygen.  So, sit up straight or stand up tall with your shoulders back, and take several slow breaths deep into your lungs, using your diaphragm, as if you are breathing into your belly.
  • As you breathe out, imagine your head is lifting your whole spine toward the ceiling and feel your body stretch as if making more room for the next in-breath.
  • Then relax your head and neck, push your shoulders back (to open up your chest) and breath in for the count of 4, then hold for the count of 16, and then slowly exhale to the count of 8.  Repeat this regulated breathing several times until you feel your whole body relax.

Muscular Tension:

  • Some muscles in our body are so used to being tense that we don’t even realise we have not truly relaxed them for ages.  So, sit up straight in a chair (with your eyes still closed) and allow yourself to notice how your body feels.
  • Then take a deep breath and as you breathe in, tense every muscle in your body, from your head to your toes – even scrunch up your face.
  • Then as you breathe our, let your muscles relax and feel the difference.  If you do this often enough, your body will start to notice when you are holding tension in one area and it will automatically release.  You may find it more beneficial to do this lying down.     Make it a fabulous release!


Managing our emotions has a huge influence on how much energy we have and how we use it.  You may have been told that you should strive to maximise your “emotional intelligence”, which really just means you ought to aim to “manage” your emotions by making conscious choices about how you experience them.  This gives you the power to act out of conscious choice, rather than react out of old patterns. 

This is a huge area to explore, but there are two simple techniques you can begin to use today that will assist you to take charge of your emotions.

  • Focus: you have a choice right now about where you put your focus.  So, you can either focus on what’s going wrong, how tired you feel, how tough things are, or you can consciously choose to find something positive to focus on and invest your energy there. 

    Think of one great thing from your day. While you take lovely deep breaths, really focus on that one thing.  Get a picture of it in your mind and play that tape over and over. Notice how you feel when you really focus on that one great thing.  Keep doing that until you feel your energy flooding out through your body, as if your heart is overflowing.

  • Movement: emotion is linked to motion.  So, if you feel flat, tired, low or overwhelmed....MOVE!  Get up out of the chair, stand up straight, square your shoulders, breathe deeply, get a clear picture in your head of the most energised space you have ever been in and put a huge smile on your face. 

    Notice how you feel when your body moves in this way.  Now walk around as if you have more energy than a long distance runner.  Do this several times until you notice how this movement changes your feelings.  Then keep moving any time you need more energy. 

    Make it a fabulous movement!

Would you like some one-on-one support from Heather

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Step Seven: DESIGN

This may be the most important step of all.  Make sure you are in a good space before you begin this step, because this is the point where you truly take charge of your life. 

Each of the other six steps is great.  You can feel the benefits and have a bit of fun as you do each one.  But, it will count for nothing unless you are prepared to design the life you really want and take immediate, consistent action! 

Let’s just reflect on what brought you to this site in the first place...you want to change something about your life and have more energy to live your life with passion.  Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply and get a really clear picture in your head of you living that life.  Feel how you will feel when you are living that life every day.  See it in all its colour and movement as if you are looking at it through a zoom lens. 

Now hold that feeling while you reflect back on the areas you have covered:

  • Context: What are your motivations, values and beliefs? What foundation are you building on?
  • Energy: What is your energy investment plan?  How will you make this happen?
  • Nurture: What nurturing are you seeking?  Where will you go on your Dolly Dates?
  • Touch: When will you massage yourself?  Where will you go for hugs?
  • Relaxation:  How deeply will you breathe and how often? How will you release tension from your body?
  • Emotion: What will you choose to focus on that’s great? How will you move for joy?

Design: Now, all you have to do is use your energy, focus and positive power to design the life you want to live every day! 

Many people have average lives because they have an average amount of energy that they spend on their average days activities.  You can get CENTRED and create the extraordinary life you want and live with balance and abundance.

Warning:  I have seen many people reach this point, lose momentum and go back to average.  Don’t be one of themIt takes only 10 minutes a day for 10 consecutive days to begin to form a habit.  So, set your goals, clarify your plan and TAKE POSITIVE ACTION……today!

The easy way to get results:

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Find your Well Within and get Energy for your dream life!!

Good luck with your journey!

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Remember, positive action will ensure you have an extraordinary life because you have an extraordinary amount of energy that you spend on your extraordinary days activities.

Go well,